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Instrumental Soloist, Studio/Session Musician, Performing Artist, Symphonic Orchestra Member, Conductor, Band Leader, Accompanist, Cover Band


Film Composer, Music Video Director, Music Editor, Music Supervisor/Director, Film Arranger/Adapter, Film Conductor, Film Music Orchestrator, Synthesis Specialist, Theme Specialist


Elementary General Music, Instrumental Music, Choral Music, Secondary Teacher, College Professor, Private Studio Teacher, Musicologist


Music for ensembles: Concert Band/Orchestra/Jazz/Marching/Popular Music, Arranger, Songwriter, Orchestrator, Copyist, Transcriber, Editor


Music Therapy, Voice Therapy, Speech Pathologist, Researcher

Computers & Synthesis

MIDI Technician, Programmer, Performing Synthesist (DJ), Sequencer, Sound Designer

Business & Management

Advertising Executive, Booking Agent, Business Manager, Field Merchandiser, Music Publisher, Personal Manager, Professional Manager, Copyright Lawyer, Social Media Technician, A&R Administrator or Coordinator, Campus Representative, Consumer Researcher, Director of Publicity, Marketing Representative, Public Relations Manger, Publicist

Production & Engineering

MIDI Engineering, Music Director, Producer, Program Director, Recording Engineer, Studio Director or Manager, Live Sound Technician, Road Manager, Stage Hand, Tour Coordinator, Tour Publicist

Consumer Goods

Product Management, Sales Management, District Sales Manager, Inside Sales, Customer Service Rep, Corporate Liaison, Distribution Manager, Service Technician, Parts Department, Product Support, Product Tester, Marketing, Trade Show Coordination, Public Relations, Graphic Designer, Staff Writer, Technical Writer, Education Sales and Marketing, Event Coordinator, Travel Coordinator, Office Services, Multi-Media Coordinator, Retail Store Salesman, Retail Store Manager, Distribution Sales Rep, Catalog Sales, Catalog Design


Copyright – Intellectual/Property/Trademark, Licensing Representative, Performance Rights, Mechanical & Sync Rights/Recording Rights, ASCAP/BMI,

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